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What is interior detailing and what makes Daedalus unique?
Interior detailing is sometimes referred to as interior architecture.  It is a specialty that places a design focus on the interior architectural elements of a home.  The end results are dynamic spaces that seamlessly integrate the architecture with the interior design.  When we approach spaces, we look at the walls, ceilings, doorways, floors, cabinetry, columns, railings, trim and other interior components to find unique design opportunities.  Our professional experience, as well as our degrees in Interior Architecture, makes us perfectly suited to focus on detailing your home.


How are your services different than those of an architect, residential designer, or interior designer?
We bridge the gap between the architect and interior designer by focusing on the interior elements that link these two disciplines.  Often times an architect’s services will not include these details.  And while a few interior designers do offer interior detailing services, many do not.  By coordinating early in the design process with both the architect and interior designer, we can make sure there is a unity and cohesive design throughout the interior.

How long does the design process take?
Many factors play a role in the length of the process.  Some of these include project size, complexity, and time needed for revisions.    Having three designers on staff gives us flexibility in meeting your project’s required schedule.


How much do your services cost?
We offer several price levels depending upon the amount of design required by the client and/or builder.  For entire houses, the typical range is from $1.00 per sq. ft. for conceptual designs up to $2.50 per sq. ft. for full working drawing packages.  Most projects fall somewhere in between these two rates.  We are also open to working on a “by the room” or “by the detail” approach on an hourly basis.  Please contact us to discuss your project and obtain a detailed price list.


What areas do you service and will you travel?
While most of our services are focused on Florida, we have worked across many states and internationally.  We have the ability to email entire cad files and prints to the client, builder, or directly to the job site.  We would love to discuss how we could best work with you on projects based locally or abroad.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are evenly split between homeowners, builders, and interior designers.  Along with the benefits of interior detailing, there are other advantages of working with us that are specific to each type of client.

  • Homeowners – Often times homeowners are can use our drawings to aid in the bidding process when selecting between builders.  A more detailed interior set means construction costs can be estimated ahead of time and reduce surprises during construction.
  • Builders – Our details can lend variety to models a builder may have constructed a number of times.  A flexible approach allows us to focus on the entire home or just key areas to make sure the builder is getting the most value.  We can also provide builders with marketing materials such as color floorplans, sketches of exteriors and interior spaces, and photorealistic computer renderings.
  • Interior Designers – Along with lending technical expertise to the project, we are often times called on to provide the drawing/drafting support for the interior designer.  This can include providing furniture plans, flooring plans, and tile elements that visually document the interior designer’s selections.


Do you design in only one style?
While we always try to design with established principals of good architecture and interior design, when it comes to individual styles, we are comfortable designing within whatever style our client is going for.  Often times photos from magazines or pictures of specific details help us focus in on the style and overall feel our client wants to see in his or her house.


What other services do you provide?

  • Rendering services:  These can either be by hand or 3d computer renderings.  See our portfolio for examples of each
  • Residential design services:  We now provide residential design and drafting for custom and production homes.